We support “want to be”
for new generation.

We believe that each creator has their own dream.
CAPSULE's mission is to be the best partner they could ask for.
CAPSULE would make all-out effort helping creators reach their goal and realize their dreams.

What is CAPSULE's definition of "new generation"?

01People who respects their partners and helps each other grow.
02People who are not afraid of failure and are up for challenges.
03People who believe in possibilities.


The most knowledgeable content marketing partner
for the new generation.

With the precise sight of new generation,
professional creator service and the huge influence of creators,
we can customize the most creative and diverse marketing plan for brands.


Create happiness
through faster, stronger,
and safer growth with us.

CAPSULE's vision is
let creators focus on what is
the most important to them.

Through collaborating with us,
creators can grow faster, stronger and safer than by themselves.


Founder / CEO

埴渕修世(小哈) Hanibuchi Shusei

COO / Head of Creator Management

蘇美甄 Esther Su

VP / Buddy Planning Unit

羅培涵 Peihan Lo


吳捃蕙 Winnie Wu

VP / Buddy Planning Unit

施正容 Lexi Shih

VP / Finance

許博竣 Upton Hsu

VP / Buddy Planning Unit

高孟萱 Monica Kao

Independent Director & Consultant

UUUM Global Director

René Paulesich

Fuji Media Holdings Business Producer FUJIATETSU MULTIMEDIA Director

若月 賢一 Kenichi Wakatsuki

Enfinite Capital Taiwan Solar I Co. Ltd. Supervisor

林柏宇 Paul Lin

Group Leader & Senior Expert

Creator Platform / Center

王宇君 YuChun Wang

Buddy Planning Unit

張思文 Joanne Chang

Corporate Unit / Corporate Planning

米澤拓哉 Takuya Yonezawa

Lab / Director

橘剛史 Taka Tachibana

Creator Platform / Cmer

湯伊蘋 Zuna Tang

Creator Platform / C Kitchen

唐逸敏 Tasha Tang

Buddy Planning Unit

陳士弘 Sam Chen

Buddy Planning Unit / Game

楊涵潔 Kiyo Yang

Buddy Planning Unit / Japan

佐田真人 Sata Masato

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Corporate Information


105-59 台北市松山區八德路三段34號16樓

15F., No.34, Sec. 3, Bade Rd., Songshan Dist.,
Taipei City 10559, Taiwan (R.O.C.)(map )


〒160-0023 東京都新宿区西新宿7-5-5

PLAZA Nishi Shinjuku UCF 4th floor,7-5-5
Nishishinjuku,Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0023(map )



Room C,No. 62, Tsun Yip Street, Capital
Trade Centre(map )



Yes Tower V1902, 369 Kaixuan Road Changning
District, Shanghai, China(map )